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  • To direct and to execute programs and projects of scientific investigation faced to the solution of the problems of major priority, related to the trainings and the competitions in the combat sports.
  • To form scientists, of physical culture of the ISCF and of other entities of the country and of the exterior, interested by the investigation in the sports of combat and of the related applied sciences to these, by means of courses, qualified, maestrías, specialties of postgraduate course, doctorates and post-doctoral courses.
  • To develop terms of trade and collaboration with institutions of investigation and formation of scientists linked to the sports of combat and related applied sciences, of other entities of the country or of the exterior.
  • To compile, to systematize, to evaluate and to spread scientific information directed to achieve substantial contributions in the sciences of the physical culture related to the sports of combat, fruit of the studies and investigations realized by the personnel of plant or collaborators of the center.
  • To assure the stability and efficacy of the scientific work of the specializing personnel of major qualification in the sports of combat and related applied sciences in the provinc