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V Olympiad of the Cuban Sport: Western it exhibits high status for tournament boxístico.
It dates: 5/13/2010
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ONE WESTERN with five Olympian prizewinners looks like the best of three teams announced today by the island for the tournament boxístico of V Olympiad of the Cuban Sport, from the next 22nd in Camagüey.

Those of the west have between his stars the orbital leader and bronze medalist olímpic...

Taekwondo world cup: Suits from this Wednesday in Copenhagen
It dates: 10/14/2009
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The nineteenth taekwondo World cup, darà beginning this Wednesday, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and that contarà with the record number of 143 countries.

Our country that five assists to this fight with a square integrated by 10 athletes in every sex, inhales to rublicar a good actuaciòn...

World cup of Boxing: Savón gives happy début to Cuba
It dates: 9/2/2009
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ERISLANDY Savón sealed with rapid victory the début of Cuba in the World cup of initiated Boxing this Tuesday in the Italian city of Milan, where the hosts celebrated the victory of his idol Roberto Cammarelle.

The juvenile planetary holder of the maximum weight prescribed RSC in the first one...

French against Cuban in ceiling boxístico
It dates: 8/6/2009
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SEVERAL of the French hopes for the future boxing World cup will fight this Friday against Cuban during a ceiling summoned for the three of the evening in the of the capital room Kid Chocolate.

In accordance with the program spread by the national commission, the light welter Alexis Vast...

They promote four karatecas holguineros to the National seeding of major.
It dates: 7/3/2009
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Four karatecas holguineros in juvenile category were even promoted to the National seeding of major, they endorsed by the results obtained in different competition national and international celebrated in Cuba in those who have taken part.

The fourth black belt They Give and chief of...

I turn Battle of Carabobo: Thong in Cuban team.
It dates: 6/17/2009
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THE INCLUSION of the Olympian subholder Emilio Correa stands out in the announced payroll this Tuesday for Cuba to declare bankrupt in the tournament boxístico for Battle of Carabobo that begins on Saturday in Valencia, Venezuela.

Thong (75 kg) will reappear officially after the surgical intervention to which it went sometid...

Town of Havana of fencing: Between Poles it was her ‘’ a war ’’ in foil for checkers
It dates: 6/10/2009
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THE BRONZE-COLORED individual one of Atenas’04, Polish fencer Sylwia Gruchala was verduga this Tuesday of his compatriot Malgorzata Wojtkowiak in the discussion of the gold of the Cup of the World of fencing Nancy Uranga received by Pabexpo, to the west of the Cuban capital.

With end of 15-7 points it climbed to...

Cup of the World Town of Havana: Almost unscathed Cuban fencers
It dates: 6/5/2009
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Havana (June 5).-WE ARE FINE. Only they eliminated us to a knob. Today on Friday it is the hard struggle», there moved forward this Thursday JIT Eduardo John, trainer of the masculine selection of Cuba of foil.

The declaration, minutes after the preliminary one of the tournament concludes here Cup of the World Town of The H...

Boxing Cardín: Idel obtained satisfaction, it could not Thickly
It dates: 6/5/2009
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Sancti Spíritus (June 4).-REVENGES of Idel Torriente and Juan Carlos Payano, good demonstration of Rosniel Iglesias and reverse of King Eduardo Recio combined today here in cartel semifinal of the tournament boxístico Córdova Cardín.

In the room Yayabo the light Torriente (CUB), champion of the Cup of the Mund...

Revenge in closing of the quarter finals Another Cuban said good-bye. Today it fights in semifinals.
It dates: 6/4/2009
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JULY Churches (CUB) he obtained satisfaction today here of his reverse for the gold of the Games of the DAWN on having conquered Ronald González (SEE) in duel with which Córdova Cardín closed the quarter finals of the tournament boxístico.

"This time I supported more the attack, and there was the key", said the subholder of the island tr...

Five fencers holguineros to Cup of the World Town of the Havana
It dates: 5/28/2009
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Holguín will have a wide representation in the Cup of the World Town of the Havana, foreseen to be carried out from fourth of June until next June 13, in Pabexpo, in the capital of all the Cuban.

Five will be the fencers holguineros that will compete in Town of the Havana led by Werlis Michel S...

Cuba indisputable champion in Pan-American of struggle.
It dates: 4/28/2009
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Havana (April 27).-UN WHOLE of 13 golden medals, two of silver and three of bronze allowed to Cuba to reach the highest place in the Pan-American Championship of struggle, in sports center Belisario Aponte, in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

The form grecorromana initiated the victorious footpath with rubric of...

There gains Cuba Karate Do of III Games of the DAWN
It dates: 4/25/2009
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Guantanamo, on April 25 (AIN) Cuba, with eight golden medals, nine of silver and five of bronze, crowned in the competition of Karate Do, of III Games of the Dawn, closed today in this suroriental city.

Next of the Cuban they ended, Venezuela (7-8-6), Ecuador (1-1-8), Chile (1-0-4)...

It dates: 4/19/2009
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Cuba triumphed with four qualifications put in dispute today in the closing of the judo, and gained for wide margin the tournament of III Games of the DAWN, discipline that it took as a head office to the Cienfuegos province.
The principal selection of the Island headed the medal table with 15 golden gems, three of silver...

Venezuelan breaks mastery of Cuba in taekwondo of the DAWN
It dates: 4/19/2009
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The Venezuelan Gladys Guacare broke the mastery of Cuba in the taekwondo of III Games of the DAWN, after defeating today in the final of 53 kilograms his compatriot Johana Ávalos.
The third position corresponded to the Ecuadorian Mariuxy Monserrate and to Alianay Carpio, who represents the cen...

Olympian bronze medalist of taekwondo recovers of operation and prepares itself for the world cup.
It dates: 3/3/2009
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The taekwondoka santiaguera Dianellys Montejo, medalist of bronze in the summer appointment of Beijing in the division of 49 kilograms, these days observes that it worries the combats of the national championship of this discipline, meanwhile she recovers of a surgical intervention in his knee izqui...

It gained Juvenile World Cuba of Boxing
It dates: 11/1/2008
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The Habana.-Cuba gained the juvenile World cup of Boxing, on having conquered four of his five men in spite of the fact that López Mateo to drive in the final of the tournament, in the room Sports Unit, of the Mexican city of Guadalajara.

The Cuban ended of leaders with four golden gems, one of silver, other one of...

"The judo holguinero will return and it will be supported in the first planes".Manifesto the Bachelor Leonardo Aguirre, commissioner Provincial.
It dates: 10/27/2008
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The judo in this Holguín province is a sport of very good competitive results in the different categories, due to the supported work of his provincial commission and the body of technical staff spread in 11 of 14 municipalities who practise this combat discipline here.

In what it goes d...

They consider Holguín to be a province of reference of the arbitration of the Cuban judo
It dates: 10/24/2008
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The Holguín province is considered to be a reference of the arbitration of the Cuban judo, for the quality and masividad of the managers of giving justice in the Cuban tatamis and out of the country, as informed the Bachelor Leonardo Aguirre López, provincial commissioner of this sport in Holguín.


Fifth place for Cuba in world cup for teams of judo
It dates: 10/5/2008
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The Cuban judo woman team finished this Sunday in the fifth place of VII World cup for teams, with stage in the Tokyo Budokan, of the Japanese capital.

The brief information offered to the AIN by the teacher Ronaldo Veitía points out that in the preliminary round they conquered Chin...

Summoned in Holguín II Edition of International Symposium of Sports of Combat.
It dates: 1/24/2008
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The Center of National Studies of Sports of Combat (CENDECOMB)
assigned to the faculty of Physical Culture of Holguín, the Direction
Provincial of Sports in this territory and the Cuban Federations of
Boxing, Judo, Struggle, Taekwondo, Fencing and that of Martial arts, they summon
the IInd Edici...

Olympiad of the Cuban Sport:: East on Tuesday initiates the Tekwondo
It dates: 00/00/0000
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WITH the discussion of the medals in the 46, 62 and +73 kilos divisions in the feminine sector and in 63, 74 and 87 in the masculine one, Alejandro Urgellés will begin this Mars in the santiaguera polyvalent room the tournament of taekwondo of V Olympiad of the Cuban Sport.

Although without the awaited bibs...

They discourse upon new regulation of Karate Do
It dates: 00/00/0000
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Francisco García Almenares, trainers' chief of the national team of Karate Do, discoursed today upon the changes in the regulation of this discipline, in which one will compete in the city of Guantanamo until Saturday.

In the auditorium there were athletes and technical staff of Cuba, of Venezuela...

Olympiad of the Cuban Sport:: East on Tuesday initiates the Tekwondo
It dates: 00/00/0000
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WITH the discussion of the medals in the 46, 62 and +73 kilos divisions in the feminine sector and in 63, 74 and 87 in the masculine one, Alejandro Urgellés will begin this Mars in the santiaguera polyvalent room the tournament of taekwondo of V Olympiad of the Cuban Sport.

Although without the awaited bibs...

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