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Taekwondo world cup: Suits from this Wednesday in Copenhagen

It dates: 10/14/2009
Author: Antonio Dýaz and Mountain Jorge Luis of the Cross.
Rosbelis Despaigne, (red head).Foto.Angel Y¨
Rosbelis Despaigne, (red head).Foto.Angel
The nineteenth taekwondo World cup, darÓ beginning this Wednesday, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and that contarÓ with the record number of 143 countries.

Our country that five assists to this fight with a square integrated by 10 athletes in every sex, inhales to rublicar a good actuaci˛n.

In the inaugural day, subirÓn for Cuba Holguinero Sergio Ovas of 80 kilograms, expert ý like the santiegueros Taimi Castellanos of the 67 and Robelis Despaigne in more than 87 kilograms.

They integrate also the masculine team the holguinero Lixan Batista in 63 kilos, the cienfueguero Angel Modesto (68), and the villaclare˝o Duniel Contreras of the 87, between the females they help tanned of the world and Olympian of 2005 and Beijing 2008 respectively, Dainellys Cuquita Montejo, of 49 kilograms, Nidia Mu˝oz (CHA-57) and Mirna HechavarrÝa (SCU-73).

These athletes are part of 404 women and 592 men, record number as the International Federation of Taekwondo (WTF) of his initials in English.

This city organiz ˛ the Sixth edition of these championships in 1983, but in this ocasi˛n tendrÓ novel aspects as the utilizaci˛n of electronic bibs and system of instantaneous review between other changes.

The aspiration of the Cuban square is to end between the first ten countries, without doubts a goal ambisiosa, but not impossible to reach in this sport that has very much rooting in Asian and European countries.

It is necessary to remember that this sports discipline of origin Koreano lleg ˛ to anuestro country in 1987 and particip ˛ for pirmera ocasi˛n in an event of world character in 1997, in Tenth Third with head office in Hong Kong, where the natives of the Antilles gained a silver gem and other one of bronze for an eighth place for countries till now the best result.

Juan Alfredo Escobar discussed gold in 83 kg, but it yielded before the sudcoreano Dong-Wan Lee and Nelson Sßenz, in more than 83, gained bronze.

Cuba takes as the second better historical performance the ninth position obtained in the previous edition organized by Beijing in 2007.

In the Chinese capital there were crowned of the capital Gessler Viera (67 kg) and there stayed in bronze the holguinera Yaimara of the Rosary (55 kg).

That one last is big stay away in the Caribbean navy, due to an operation in one of his knees.

Competition program: On the 14th: 67 kg (F), 80 and 87 (M). 15: 49 and 57 kg (F), 58 (M). 16: 53 kg (F), 63 and 68 (M). 17: 46 and 73 kg (F), 54 and 87 (M). 18: 62 and 73 kg (F), 74 (M).


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